The Fool with a Thousand Faces

Part of our study of the Fool archetype was to search for him in our past work as well as in the work of other artists, tarot and otherwise.  The Fool has many faces, here are just a few:

The Seeker

The Trickster

The Leap of Faith

The Wanderer Between Worlds

The Fool as Seeker - From left to right, Gaian Soul Tarot, The Grail Tarot, Wanderer by Jim & Lynn Lemyre 2010.

The Fool as The Leap of Faith - from left to right -Painting by Alissa Blaney, The Fool by Jak Flash, Luke Skywalker as the Fool by Elan Rodger, Learning to Fly by Jim & Lynn Lemyre.

The Fool as Wanderer Between Worlds - left to right Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, Mon Tarot De Marseille by Tarotland, Threshold by Jim & Lynn Lemyre 2005.