Here is our Fool!

Here is our Fool, taking the first step in the Journey.

He is our:





Boundary Crosser

Rule Breaker

Risk Taker


Keywords: Potential, Freedom, Instinct, Trust, Spontaneity, Playfulness, Optimism, Openness and Fearlessness.


He leaps into the archetypal world of the Trumps and into a new adventure.  The Journey starts with a leap of faith, telling the rational mind to stop being so overcautious, choosing change and life and the risk that comes with it, rather than the illusion of safety and security.  If you sit still, life and time still continues, whipping by you, leaving you behind.

But there is danger here.  The Tarot is all about dualities.  The Fool can be wisdom or madness, creation or destruction, flying or falling.  It’s all in the timing.